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Delia Dec This is known as the superlative of two. There's nothing wrong with it. Merriam Webster's Dictionary of English Usage gives examples page John4 Dec Sorry to say that Delia is wrong, but John is right.

Younger vs. youngest

You can say Rebecca is the younger of my two daughters or Rebecca is younger than daughter B, both comparision mode and Rebecca is my youngest daughter superlative. And since Rebecca is your youngest child of two girls and a boy, you can, of course, say Rebecca is my youngest child and youngest daughter. We've to be specific when using the English language otherwise ambiguity creeps in. Jonah Dec I'm a purist and I stand behind both Cheri and Delia! Amazed might be interested to know that the superlative of two has been used since at least the 17th century, and has been used by writers such as Fielding, Austen, Fowler!

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Is Amazed still a purist? Well Amazed, i'm afraid i'm backing the "Superlative of two" team on this one. I study English linguistics at college and have always, correctly, used the Superlative form when talking about two subjects.

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Yes, it's standard and i'd say totally correct to do so. Logan Jan I would say that this is not an issue of "purity" as much as it is an issue of clarity. Should you say she is the youngest daughter, and your audience, by some means, becomes aware of the existence of another child--obviously a male--then it creates an unwelcome emphasis which might lead your listener to believe the daughter is a middle child.

The most precise manner to express this is as you suggest, Cheri. As for the "purity" of English, we've all got out pet peeves, but we must face the undeniable fact that our language is not the same language that is was even ten years ago.

The truest form of purity in this case is to adapt as it changes. Were we to live quite miraculously to years and maintain "purity" or speech, we would be utterly unintelligible to our listeners. Brandon1 Jan I'd have to agree with Brandon on the issue of clarity. I am the oldest, but I sometimes refer to my two brothers as "my oldest brother" versus "my youngest brother" although they are both my younger brothers. However, I also find that people are confused by this and then think that my oldest brother is also my older brother.

Just the same as "my oldest brother. You can use the superlative of two and be just as clear or just as not clear as not using the superlative of two. MW Dictionary of English Usage: The common assertion of the grammarians, that the superlative degree is not applicable to two objects, is not only unsupported by any reason in the nature of things, but is contradicted in practices by almost every man who affirms it.

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John4 Jan Mighty Red Pen. Sawaeng Feb I am the youngest of four children. The oldest two are fraternal twins, a brother and a sister.

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The next oldest is a brother. I say:. My eldest brother, the twin. My sister, the twin. My middle brother. The former U. Tony Rodham was born in to parents Hugh and Dorothy Rodham. He was raised in the Chicago suburbs along with his older siblings, Hillary, who is now 71 years old, and Hugh, who is The youngest Rodham held a variety of jobs over the years, including stints as a prison guard, insurance salesman, repo man, private detective and business investor. While his brother-in-law Bill Clinton was president, Rodham worked on the Democratic National Committee as an outreach coordinator.

He also became one of the few people to ever get married at the White House.