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Hundreds of editions of The Arabian Nights circulated in Europe in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, all of them based ultimately on Galland. A century and a quarter later, Edward William Lane likewise considered his edition of The Arabian Nights as supplementary to his more legitimate scholarly work on Egypt and the Arabic world.

His interests were instead historical and ethnographic. Large sections of the book had been culled from his unpublished Description of Egypt , , words of miscellaneous observation, description, and speculation pertaining to Egyptian history, geography, manners, culture, politics, and language. Lane, trained as an engraver, produced over one hundred illustrations for the volume as well. Lane drew on the Calcutta, Breslau , and especially the Bulaq which by virtue of much padding and some ingenious segmentation was the first edition in which the tales were made to stretch over a thousand and one nights in assembling his own bulky yet still inevitably eclectic edition.

Virtually alone among readers, then or since, Lane believed that The Arabian Nights in its Bulaq version was the work of a single author who lived around , most likely in Cairo. Lane asserts not only that The Arabian Nights is, rather than a miscellany, instead the product of a single shaping intelligence, but that it therefore provides an accurate, detailed, and thoroughly consistent account of Cairene life.

For Lane, The Arabian Nights is to be valued for the abundant and precise documentary evidence it gives of the manners and customs and material life of Egypt. As for its eroticism, Lane expurgated every trace. Not so Lane: there is little of the feverish or the fanciful to be found in his responses to Islam or to Arabic culture. He may for instance be interested in Egyptian techniques of carpet weaving; that some carpets are depicted as flying is for him irrelevant.

This is certainly the case with his edition of The Arabian Nights. To bring the edition within financial reach of its intended audience, it was first issued in monthly installments before being made available in bound volumes. Lane set out to remedy that situation. The same objectives, Said goes on to say, governed his approach to elucidating The Arabian Nights. For Lane, each detail is potentially the key to unlock the inner meanings of Egyptian life. It was not until the s that the next attempts to produce a complete text of The Arabian Nights in English were undertaken.

Both were titled The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night , and both were explicitly offered as correctives to Lane.

How two travellers made it to all seven continents in fewer than hours | Guinness World Records

Payne sought to rescue the tales for literary as opposed to historical or philologic purposes. Burton notoriously set out to restore, even to amplify, the erotic elements in the tales that Lane had so zealously expurgated.

That that essay is now better known—or at least more often cited by scholars—than the tales of The Arabian Nights themselves is a strange irony of recent literary history. Arata, Stephen. Dino Franco Felluga. Extension of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. Ahmed, Leila. Edward W.

How Dinosaurs Took Over The World

London: Longmans, Ali, Muhsin Jassim. Washington, D. Bagehot, Walter. Borges, Jorge Luis. Seven Nights. Eliot Weinberger. New York: New Directions, Selected Non-Fictions. New York: Viking, Caracciolo, Peter L. Peter L.

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New York: St. Gerhardt, Mia I. Leiden: E.


Brill, Haddawy, Husain. Husain Haddawy. New York: W. Hallam, Arthur Henry.

Dinosaur Shapes

London: Elkin Mathews and John Lane, Hanford, James Holly. Knight, Charles. Passages of a Working Life. London: Bradbury and Evans, Diasporic Encounters is a collection of short films that follows blackness through Mexico, China and other unexpected countries.

A Witch-Hunt on Instagram

Like previous years, BlackStar will inhabit University City for most of its duration, with the majority of film screenings taking place at International House Philadelphia. While at International House for the festival, be sure to keep an eye out for a mobile XOXO photo spot in the courtyard. Be sure to snap a photo with the structure and hashtag visitphilly on any social media posts.

Filmmakers years-old and younger are invited to attend. The civil-rights inspired workshop will be led by CeCe McDonald , a prominent trans woman activist, and Joshua Allen, a black, gender nonconforming activist. Photo by M. It was the first feature film directed by an African-American woman and shown in United States theaters. The ultra-techy piece follows an Uber driver in Los Angeles and was the first feature film shot using an iPhone 6s in 4K. For the full schedule lineup, event times and locations, visit the BlackStar Film Festival website here , and follow them on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook.

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