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There are three series to consider. All are set in the same universe. It was the first work I published and is a grand fantasy epic. This series will see Stiger cut his teeth and develop into the hard charging leader that fans have grown to love. It will also introduce Eli and cover some of their early adventures. In fact, I believe they will only enhance it. The Karus Saga is a whole new adventure set in the same universe…many years before Stiger was even born. This series tells how Roman legions made their way to the world of Istros and the founding of the empire.

It is set amidst a war of the gods and is full of action, intrigue, adventure, and mystery. A nobleman from an infamous family, Ben Stiger, finds himself freshly assigned to Third Legion, Seventh Company as a lowly lieutenant in the opening stages of war between the empire and the Kingdom of the Rivan. Third Legion has been tasked with pursuing a retreating Rivan army back to the border where the empire can take the fight into enemy territory. The crossing is sure to be contested and dangerous.

Should Third Legion fail to force a crossing, the entire campaign could grind to a disastrous halt. Inexperienced, young, and unsure of himself, Stiger is ostracized by his fellow lieutenants. With life and reputation on the line, he must learn to understand men far beneath his station and lead them into battle. Stiger struggles not only against the enemy, but against his family's history and his own side to prove himself worthy of serving the empire he loves and earning the respect of the men he leads.

Set amidst the backdrop of an epic war, there are greater forces at work than the young Stiger can even begin to imagine, setting him on the dangerous and lonely path of destiny. The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South. A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, and a born fighter…Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South.

Enit wants Kylan to go find Amalia. What happens to Aros, Amalia, and Kylan when fate takes a hand? Technical Tidbits… The cover is absolutely gorgeous and what drew me to the book initially. Amalia is on the run and is dressed in clothes that have seen better days, practically rags.


The storyline is really great! I loved it. Lee got me involved with Amalia. The characters were done very well, too. We learn about Amalia from the beginning as it is her story being told. Then we learn about Aros when we meet him. Kylan is introduced very well, too. The pace is good. You move right along. The tension is not always so hot. At times it sort of drops you and you feel like you lose your way a bit.

Tension should have been higher at the end, but it sort of just stopped, because this is a cliff-hanger. If Amalia were dressed properly for the story this would be outstanding. The dragon is done so well. I love the way the colors make them blend together and create an almost transparent area. Her parents seem to have downplayed it as a birthmark on her hands and not ever trained her how to use it other than how to hide it.

But then she uses it to scare away the mermaids, so she knows at least how to do something with it. Something she learned by experimenting on her own most likely.

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There is no mention yet of any sort of training. Maybe Kylan can help her with it. That is if he wakes up to the seriousness of their situation now that his father is dead and they are caged. I thought he would be more levelheaded. I really hope he is up to the tasks ahead of him. They seem to be the ones stomping around killing people at will.

Right now I have books scheduled to read all the way into February. Dec 21, James Hockley rated it it was ok. This is the story of a world where magic is being destroyed — and those that retain magic will suffer as a consequence. But as the end approaches, one final spark ignites, and the adventure begins. But it is only the beginning.

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This story is an interesting concept, but it is, in reality, the start of a story rather than a story in its own right. This story is about Amalia, a persecuted mage, and Kylan, one of the last of his kind le This is the story of a world where magic is being destroyed — and those that retain magic will suffer as a consequence. This story is about Amalia, a persecuted mage, and Kylan, one of the last of his kind left in the land. It is a time when those with magic are hunted down and destroyed, and it is therefore a fight for survival. Darkness closes in, and through the forces of betrayal and cunning, Kylar and Amalia struggle to survive.

Will they break free? Read on to find out… I have to admit that this left me a little unsatisfied. Perhaps a quarter story, but not a whole story in and unto itself. A little unsatisfying.

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That being said, it does end on a bang, and it will compel the reader towards the second book. I think this ties in with the above i. Just a shame we need to reach into our pockets to read on. Tied to this, the book is a very easy and comfortable read third person, which is my preference. The chapters are short and punchy, though perhaps they could have done with wiring together in places. Nice work.

The book also manages multiple points of view well Kylar, Amalia, and a couple of others , and you are never left wondering who has the proverbial baton. Given that the story itself probably finishes prematurely, a lot of the POV shifts serve little more than an information relay.

Now, although this is an easy read, there are still a lot of editorial errors in here. A lot. It takes some of the polish off what is otherwise a well put together book, so a bit of a shame. And my final comment is going to be about the end matter. That means that a full third of the book is advertising for the next book or in this case books.

Now, I have no problem with a chapter excerpt at the end of a book it can be a nice carrot for the reader , but this is too much. So overall this is a rather wide and fantastical concept with a seed of interest at its core.

There are a few problems that left me unsatisfied with this as a standalone book, but I have no doubt that the series will bear fruit. Jan 18, Sammie rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited. I'd give this 2. I grabbed this because, let's be honest, the cover is absolutely gorgeous, and I am a shallow, shallow creature with too much time on her hands.

At pages, I'm really not sure if this book can qualify as an "epic fantasy," and I feel like that shows in the way the book unfolds. The premise of Fallen Empire is fascinating and holds so much potential, but overall, I feel like the delivery wasn't quite there. My biggest feeling, after reading th I'd give this 2. My biggest feeling, after reading this book, is just that there should be more.

More backstory, more character development, more time building the plot Just more. The world seems fascinating and just rife with potential. There's Wolf shifters and mages and dragons and gods and seers and prophecies. I mean, it ticks all the boxes. The problem is that the worldbuilding is light. While all the puzzle pieces are there, they don't quite add up to a full picture.

Part of that, I feel, is probably the length of the book. We're just not in it long enough to actually be immersed in this world, and it felt like things were popping up out of nowhere randomly. The characters, while they seemed like they might be interesting, were too fleeting for me to really become attached to. Again, I'm sure this has to do with the length. Characters come and go so quickly, and I have the feeling like we're supposed to miss them and mourn for them like Amalia's parents , but there wasn't enough screen time to really feel for them.

Characters swept by on a conveyor belt with no real defining characteristics that make them stick out and seem like real people to me. The plot feels extremely rushed, especially towards the end, where there's a random two-year time gap all of a sudden that came out of nowhere and isn't indicated anywhere until you've read a ways and it mentions that something that just happened in the previous chapter took place two years ago. There's quite a bit of jumping around in time with flashbacks and such and head-hopping between different point-of-view characters, so it made it a bit hard to follow along.

I also wasn't really sure what was happening in some places. It felt like there were parts missing to flesh out the plot and have it flow together well. This is really more of a personal thing, but I'm not a fan of instalove and especially not soulmates, and that was pretty much everywhere. It's particularly problematic when one character experiences instalove not once but twice.

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It just cheapens it and feels a little silly and lazy to me, especially when there would be a perfectly logical reason to slowly fall for this person. Maybe that was what was intended to happen, but because things felt so rushed, it seemed more like instalove to me. Overall, Fallen Empire is still well written, has a pretty interesting world, and is just an easy, entertaining read. If you're looking for something that's just a quick, enjoyable read that'll hold your attention for a while, this did it for me. Feb 20, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: kn-lee , read-in I was totally drawn to this cover and knew I would read this at some point.

This book had everything and more, fantasy, magic, dragons, shapeshifters, etc. This is my first book from K. Lee and it wont be my last, I love how she tells a story. I can't wait to read the next book. Amalia is a mage and a group called the Brotherhood is after her. She must leave the only place she has ever know and go on a journey to escape from these evil me I was totally drawn to this cover and knew I would read this at some point. She must leave the only place she has ever know and go on a journey to escape from these evil men. There is something special about Amalia the problem is we don't know what that is, apparently, she doesn't either.

They might be destined for each other and the story is a build of these two and what is going to happen in, I assume the next book. I liked Amalia a lot, living in a town she is very naive, I felt bad for her but I love how as the story goes on she gets a little stronger and how it ended I think we are about to see one badass woman. I really liked Kylan, I liked what he was and how he was an independent person but had his faults. His clan reminds me of vikings but I wont give it away. I was so excited when I found out more about it. The Brotherhood are just not nice men, like no, they have firedrakes and pretty much rip people apart.

Here is my only issue, the book was a little rushed and some of the action scene were not bad but needed something more. I felt like the story could have been expanded a little more and I don't think it would have affected how much I enjoyed it or slow it down. I want to call this a build up for the epic next book but I noticed it was also under pages. I love the mix of characters and paranormal creatures and I want more of it. Lee has a lot of books I am now planning to dive into. I loved her writing and the story she tells is unique!

I would totally recommend, please note, that there is a few gory moments in this story. Great Characters and a story I really did enjoy with a great mix of paranormal creatures! Have a great day and Happy Reading! This review was originally posted on Because reading is better than real life Oct 11, R. Williams rated it really liked it. I found this book after signing up to K. Lee's newsletter and street team, which btw, is a great way to learn more about the author.

The cover instantly drew my eye to it and then the blurb caught my attention that I knew I need to pick this book up and read it. So, I pre-ordered it and waited patiently until the release date. This story definitely has an interesting concept but it's just the beginning, and therefore only part of the story. It's about where magic is being destroyed and those w I found this book after signing up to K. It's about where magic is being destroyed and those who manage to keep it, have to hide it from the world or risk being destroyed along with it.

Amalia is a mage, and Kylan one of the last dragon shifters left, and they both have to fight for their survival. There were some things that I was expecting, mainly because one of the characters literally says, "this is going to happen" and then some chapters later, low and behold the thing happens and you're like, "well yeah, I knew that was coming. With ALL the different types of characters in this book I still got an odd reaction.

I was unsatisfied. There was so much information, and action and really good writing but I still felt like there was something still missing from the ending. Because it did just that, it ended without any warning. Of course, this is compelling me to read the second book because I need to know what is going to happen, but I felt that this book could have ended a little better, and still kept me wanting more.

The chapters are on the short side, but I found that quite endearing and made the pace of the book seem a little quicker, thus, heightening my interest. So, a full third of the book was just promotional material and chapter excerpts. Normally, I get like one chapter to tease me into the next book, or even another book written by the author but this was FAR too much at the back of a book.

In my opinion. Overall the story itself was interesting and has me wanting to read the second book. Jun 19, Cherry Mischievous rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , favourites , i-ve-read. My Thoughts: What drew me to this book is the fantastic book cover! Now that, I bought without even reading the book synopsis. I know, I'm superficial that way. Book covers matter to me. I have to say, that when it comes to sales pitch, the cover art department or whoever did the cover design, aced it! It sold the book to me! The other thing that got this book read is the fact that it got dragons in it!

All hail the dragons!!! And then the world building is just fantastic!! The dragons are good, My Thoughts: What drew me to this book is the fantastic book cover! The dragons are good, the elves are distant, the forest is dense, the rivers are cool, there is rugged terrain, violent seas, etc. Additionally, I really like the voice of this author! It has a compelling quality. The character development though is a tinee, tiny effy I'm kinda hoping that this will not bloom into a full TSTL in the subsequent books in the series. Now that, would be a real shame However, it ends in a whooping, huge cliffhanger!!

And here's the real kicker, I have a feeling that this author is a cliffie kind of author. So am not sure I'm buying anymore of her books May 12, Birgit rated it liked it. After The Brotherhood destroy her home, Amalia, a young mage, finds shelter in a village of wolf shifters. But she has to hide her magic abilities, as mages are despised, feared - and mostly killed in the Empire. Not a bad plot at all, but more a coming-of-age story for younger adults, perhaps, than for a more mature reader and I don't mean hot steamy scenes with "mature".

The main characters were likeable, always a plus, but the narration style itself sometimes used a simple language which I a After The Brotherhood destroy her home, Amalia, a young mage, finds shelter in a village of wolf shifters. The main characters were likeable, always a plus, but the narration style itself sometimes used a simple language which I associate more with fairytales or stories for younger people and children. What really annoyed me were the numerous spelling and grammar errors - if on page 5 I see "their" instead of the correct "they're", this really frustrates me. So - cheers to the author, not a bad book at all, but a big Boo!

Will I read the second book in this series? I might, because, as I said, the plot as such wasn't bad, and the protagonists interesting enough to make me want to know more - always hoping the author changed the editor of course, or made use of the variety of spelling and grammar helps available online. Jul 06, Linda Hamonou rated it it was amazing. You know that those guys are really up to no good. After the attack, Amalia is left alone on the run.

The world building was pretty good even though a bit confusing at time. There were supposed to be boundaries and separations between the mage, the humans, the dragon and the wolves but the more we get into the story the more we see that those boundaries aren't really fixed. People also don't actually hate each other like they are supposed to and we don't see much of the prejudice described at first. I find that Amalia trusts people a bit easily. I can understand that she has no choice but her relationship with Aros develops a bit fast.

Though I think she is a very nice character to follow. I also like Kylan, I wish we would see a bit more of him and how his life actually developed to where he wants to fight the brotherhood. This book was a fun read, it also has unpredictable twists that makes it a great read. Nov 10, C. Erani Kole rated it liked it Shelves: dragon , villagers-play , shifters , witchy. I thought this was pretty good. I really loved how epic some scenes were. Everything would go nice and good and smooth and them WHAM you're hit with an epic moment that kinda has your mouth dropping a little.

A few times like this happened to me and it really made the first book in this series awesome. I really liked the writing and the people and build-up, but the two major things that didn't do it for me are the following: where and how it ended. I like looking at my percentage at 3.

I like looking at my percentage at the bottom that tells you how much you've got left of a book. I was a bit disappointed, especially because the book felt like it ended so abruptly. I honestly felt like I only got the first half of the book. A few other things made me pause like little errors here and there but otherwise I'd read the next book. I can't not know what's going to happen. Nov 30, Kristin rated it really liked it. Amalia is a mage in a land where being a mage is dangerous.

The Brotherhood of dragon riders has decide to invade the one safe area for mages to live and enslave them all. Amalia flees and thinks she has found a safe haven but the gods have warned that she will be betrayed. No where is safe for her. This is a fascinating land where there are mermaids, shifters, dragons, mages and humans.

None seem to be able to live with the others. There is distrust and firm borders everywhere.

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Amalia just wants Amalia is a mage in a land where being a mage is dangerous. Amalia just wants a place to live and be safe but it seems fate has other plans for her.

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Amalia seems smart and resourceful, all good qualities in a heroine. She does seem a little fearful but she hasn't realized her potential yet and she has a lot to be fearful of in this society. I am curious to watch her grow and change as time goes by. Nov 25, Kathy rated it really liked it.