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I loved Gena's ironic twists from the other three novels the dragon who guards the gates but lets someone slip by, the man looking for the Jewel of Atlantis has it in his hands all along, the Nymph king is drawn to the one who hates him the most. I wanted some of that cleverness here. Maybe it is here and I missed it? I don't know.

Her writing is good stuff and deserves recognition for that. That being said I can't wait for LotU 4. That two page teaser at the end of this was borderline dirt mean. It left me craving more, more, more. It was hard to engage myself at the beginning. I literally forced myself to read the chapters until I found something I enjoyed, which ended up being Alyssa and Shivawn's story.

I then found myself skipping chapters to read their story instead of Delilah and Layel's Survivor: Paradise story. Their story was boring It's all "I hate you because I want your body which means i secretly love you". It was a mess. A big mess. For some reason, this whole story just seemed so inconsistent, I really couldn't enjoy myself. It was like this with the Nymph King, but i actually enjoyed the nymph king. This book was a disaster no offense Gena showalter. There's something in this book that's just Aug 28, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it.

Loved it! It was an Atlantean version of Survivor and it was of course to the death. I loved the Amazons and I hope we get to see Nola's story next. Not only were they fighting their desires, fighting for their lives, and fighting Layel's the vampire king memories of his dead mate, they were unkowingly fighting for the gods. It was a great read and an exciting book that was more than just boy meets girl or vampire meets amazon they deny love, they fight their desire, and they live happily e Loved it! It was a great read and an exciting book that was more than just boy meets girl or vampire meets amazon they deny love, they fight their desire, and they live happily ever after.

It was one of Gena Showalter's best wor Shelves: 5plus-stars , super-yummy-vamps , buddy-read , greek-gods , paranormal , adult , great-in-betweens , hero-heroine-pov , urban-fantasy , great-side-characters. Freaking amazing!!! It was like the hunger games of the underworld and no PG restriction!! Another great book by GS :.

View 1 comment. Feb 20, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: pnr-uf. This was the final novel in the Atlantis series and I confess, it was the one I was most curious about because it was the challenge of turning the bad guy into the good guy or at least a guy who would wasn't all bad. Truthfully, I have never really looked on Layel, the Vampire king, as the bad guy.

He had something horrific happen in his life and it broke him. I hated many of his actions, but I've mostly just felt pity. And pity isn't something I like for the most dominant thing I feel for my he This was the final novel in the Atlantis series and I confess, it was the one I was most curious about because it was the challenge of turning the bad guy into the good guy or at least a guy who would wasn't all bad.

And pity isn't something I like for the most dominant thing I feel for my heroes so in truth that was the challenge the author had to overcome for me. She did manage to accomplish that and more with this story. The beginning of the story opens with the Amazons and the dragons fighting over the fact that the dragon's had the Amazon princess in a cage and were taking her back to their castle. Layel and his vampires join the battle because he will do anything to take it to the dragons. In the midst of the battle, Layel sets eyes on the most beautiful woman, the Amazon warrior Delilah.

The Lament of the Vampire Bride

He feels something for another woman for the first time since his mate was murdered and it troubles him. Delilah is hit by strong attraction when she encounters the cocky arrogant vampire who butted in on her battle. Just as she rescues the young Lilly, something odd happens. Delilah along with another Amazon, Nola and two of every other race are whisked away and dropped onto an isolated tropical island. They are there to compete against each other all for the entertainment of the Olympians who are bored.

The races are divided and put on opposite teams. Delilah soon discovers that the vampire, Layel is on the opposing team. The risks of losing a match are high. Death will visit the losing team. Yet, this is still not enough to keep her mind off the vampire. Layel is angered by the gods playing with them and his emotions are all over the place with part of him wanting Delilah, wanting to killer her because he wants her, and feeling remorse and grief over his long dead mate.

The challenges come and go, but as time passes his feelings grow stronger even if they are no less confusing. There are two secondary story lines too.

The Vampire's Bride (Atlantis, #4) by Gena Showalter

There is the continuing story from the previous book of Shivawn the nymph and Alyssa the vampire. Alyssa has loved Shivawn for ages, but he wants nothing to do with her until he spends one night with her. That night was the best night of her life until he tells her it means nothing and he won't be repeating it. Both of them carry a lot of baggage from an event that took place in their past though Shivawn is unaware of Alyssa's involvement in it. It is a drastic move on Alyssa's part in the present that changes things.

The other story is that of Nola the Amazon and Zane the Vampire who are also brought to the island for the challenge. Now these two had past histories that near broke my heart, but it left Nola almost stone cold and Zane so vulnerable. For the most part, I enjoyed this story with all the tension caused by the characters' struggle and then there was the excitement of how this god's challenge would pan out.

There were times when I just wanted to smack people and say 'quit fighting it' when they were trying to deny or repress their feelings, but in a way I understood too. There was a lot of angst because of some really tough pasts. While I did enjoy the various plot threads, I did feel that each one suffered a little because of having to hop between them all. I can see how Layel and Delilah and Nola and Zane had to be together since they were all in the same place and part of the same action plot, but I almost wish that Shivawn and Alyssa's story had been given its own separate telling as a short story or novella.

The story was not ruined for me at all and I loved each of those separate plots; I just thought it would have been even smoother and less distracting to read them straight through without breaking them up. I'm grateful that a follow up story was written to give closure to Nola and Zane's story because I was totally curious to know what happened with them.

I have enjoyed the Atlantis series and marveled at the world building, plots and characters. Paranormal Romance fans should definitely give this series a try. I must have a soft spot for vampires because it seems to be hard for me to read a book about them and not enjoy it. From the beginning, I had a hard time pulling myself away from The Vampire's Bride.

There's a real story going on, not just a love story. The Gods have decided to wage a competition that involves all the races of Atlantis. People's true feelings for each other are revealed in the process, making friends enemies and enemies friends. They have to learn to live with ea I must have a soft spot for vampires because it seems to be hard for me to read a book about them and not enjoy it.

They have to learn to live with each other or risk losing their own lives. Delilah is tough as nails and headstrong when she knows what she wants. She's a bit of an anomaly for the Amazon race in that she wants more from a man than she should. Just the type of woman that would suit Layel. We find out exactly what the dragons did to Layel's wife that has made him hate them all so much. I can now understand all that hate as it is so horrific even dealing out his revenge on the dragons that killed his wife would never be enough.

The fight he's created in his head of how to deal with Delilah always had me smiling. The side story of the nymph Shivawn and the vampire Alyssa that was hinted at in the last book is focussed on too. There's actually a few nice little twists at the end. I really had no idea where it was going, especially when there was only 40 pages left and things weren't showing any sign of slowing down.

The only part that really annoyed me was Layel's devotion to his dead wife. It made the story drag when there was so much excitement happening in the other parts. Most of the time, The Vampire's Bride was fast paced making it a rather compelling read. Time to get a hold of the final story, The Amazon's Curse which seems to be only available in ebook.

Cover: It's actually a bit grainy so a better quality pic should've been used. Model isn't how I imagine Layel but I love the font and the shiny pattern. Atlantis Series 1. Heart of the Dragon 2. Jewel of Atlantis 3. The Nymph King 4. The Vampire's Bride 5. The Amazon's Curse Aug 15, Chandra rated it it was ok Recommended to Chandra by: chandragay01 gmail. Continuous incessant and boring dialogue coupled with extreme sex scenes make the book dull and dry. SYNOPSIS - Two of the strongest from the various mythical characters living in Atlantis, vampires, dragons, demons and other legendary creatures, are pitted against each other.

They have been transported to an island to destroy each other as entertain for Poseidon and a few other gods. Friend will be against friend and lover against lover. This book gets 2 out of 5 Stars. YES; One or both of the main characters are in peril………………………….

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YES; They work together to resolve the situation…………………………………………Um…. Nov 30, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , read-in , ebooks. I've been waiting for Layel's book since he was first introduced and he didn't disappoint. He's tormented, bloodthirsty, strong and caring all at once.

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Of course, the tormented thing was mostly his own doing. I mean, there comes a point where you have to let things go. If you don't it'll eat you alive and turn you into a shadow of the sexy vamp-hunk you should be. Poor Layel. All angry and brooding and not getting sexed up for years. Come to think of it, that would make me both broodi I've been waiting for Layel's book since he was first introduced and he didn't disappoint. Come to think of it, that would make me both brooding and angry also. One of the things I've been thoroughly enjoying with this series are the secondary romances woven throughout.

In this case, Shivawn and Alyssa. Even Zane and Nola who really didn't get the story I thought they deserved had some sizzle and they were only lightly touched on. I'm not a huge fan of the Survivor thing but I refuse to watch any type of reality show in general, so that's more me than a lack in the writing.

I did like how Layel and Delilah couldn't keep away from each other despite everyone basically telling them it was the worst idea in the history of ideas. The longing looks, the stolen glances, the full-on eye fucking. It made me smile. I was also greatly amused by the way the Dragons would come rushing in to save her every time Delilah screamed in ecstasy. You'd think after the first time they'd catch on that those breathy shrieks weren't full of pain. Overall, I liked the book. It was nice to finally see Layel get his happy ending somebody tell a joke about massage parlors and happy endings here!

Apr 22, SheLove2Read rated it it was ok. Have you ever picked up a book and thought to yourself "oh, I won't like this"? But then you thought "well, its part of a series, I might miss something if I don't read it"? I should have listened to myself. This is the continuing saga of Atlantis and Layel's storyline. I've never been a fan of turning the bad guy into your hero in your next book - which is what this is.

Its also very violent in the beginning. It also seems to glamorize pain and suffering to an extent, for the female lead - Amazo Have you ever picked up a book and thought to yourself "oh, I won't like this"? It also seems to glamorize pain and suffering to an extent, for the female lead - Amazon warrior Delilah. I read about 4 chapters and very seriously skimmed the rest of the book. I think there was some side romance for another couple but I didn't stop long enough to digest it. Disappointing "read". Apr 26, Cindi rated it it was ok.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I've never been tempted to watch "Survivor" before, and after reading this book about Layel Vamp King and Deliliah Amazon I'm still not going to make the effort. Interesting concept to use in a book, but I felt it was maybe a little bit TOO like the show and less creative than Gena's other books, based on mythology as they are.

Not quite as good as the previous three in my opinion, but good none the less. Finally a female lead who isn't a virgin! Poor tormented Layel, caught between the pain of losing his past love and moving on with his new-found lover.

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Buddy read with Maru So much better then the 1st read :D. Jul 15, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-romance , mythologhy-base , vampire. And there was only one way he could think of that would halt hisnew desires permanently. Amazon commandments: 1 — always aid a sister in need. Wait and stab him in the back later. Jun 25, Sarah Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: demons , dragons , mind-blown-from-the-awesomeness , romance , merpeople , ohhh-la-la , can-i-have-your-babies , favorites , gods-goddess , great-heroine.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 4. Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 4. Swoon Worthy Scale: 4. Character Scale: 4. Plotastic Scale: 4.

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The color swirling around Layel is captivating though. Not my favorite of the series story wise. The whole trapped on an island in a Survivor-meets-Hunger-Games style "test" seemed like she was out of ideas inside actual Atlantis. Also, the 2 other love plots felt like an attempt to fill pages. They were stuffed in there because there wasn't enough story to fill the book alone. I Not my favorite of the series story wise. If done correctly, each of those couples could have gotten their own full book. I did enjoy most the characters in this story, and liked seeing some from previous books.

Didn't hate it, but certainly not my favorite. Oct 16, Kl rated it liked it. I have loved this series. This book is probably a solid 4. However, it just did not live up to the series. There were way, way, way too many love interest in this one. I had trouble concentrating enough to read this book. I wanted to know what happened but the interplay just didn't hold my interest. I'm a little over half way through but can't get myself to change my mind. I will finish this, as I want to know what will happen, but it's not my favorite.

Sep 12, Mariam Markitani rated it liked it. I loved the fact that the main character was struggling with accepting even the slightest possibility of finding a love equal with that which he felt for his first wife as this showed that he could not just move on after her death like so many other book characters because he just found a new girl that intrigued him. Also i liked the way that the author played with Greek mythology and the presentation of the gods as representatives for each species which lived it atlantis.

Dec 05, Michelle Wing rated it liked it. It was hard to get to like Delilah until the almost the end. I would enjoy reading more books about Atlantis and some of the other characters so will keep a look out for more from this author. Really good book I think I read the phrase hard nipples over twenty times lol. The story was really good but the way layel resists deliah can get alittle old after a while. It was fast paced and tons of action and gore given this as romance novel. Loved the book. Mar 06, Meret Punk rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , 4-stars , greek-mythology , vampires.

Vampires Bride Awesome this is my first time to read Gena Showalter. It was a great story. Fun to read. Dealing with the Gods and all the series of things that each warrior had to go through kept this book in my hand. Apr 14, Prachi Chatim rated it it was amazing. This was the best book in the series Bestselling Series.

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Fantasy Fantasy Books. The Vampire's Bride. Notify me. Description Enter a world of dragons, demons and nymphs He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny. But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengeance Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire.

Yet there's no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her. Neither trusts the other - nor can they survive alone. For in an impossible game of the gods' devising, they've been trapped on an island, about to face the ultimate challenge: surrender to the passion that will bind them forever